Lacey Gardens Junior School

Lacey Gardens Junior School

Where excellence and enjoyment go hand in hand

Lacey Gardens, Louth, Lincs LN11 8DH

Telephone: 01507 602082 Email:

 Our Staff

We are lucky to have some brilliant people working at Lacey Gardens.

Executive Head Teacher

Mrs S A Akhurst

Head of School

Mrs L Spence

Safeguarding Lead

Assistant Head of School

Miss K Sheeran

Inclusion Leader & Safeguarding Lead

Teaching Staff

Year 3

Mr B. Shearer – Year 3 Lead
Miss L. Brooks
Mrs T. Gostelow
Mrs J. Holland
Mrs A. Johnson

Year 4

Mrs S. Speirs – Year 4 Lead
Miss S. Langdale
Miss J. Saunby-Gray

Year 5

Mrs K. Williams – Year 5 Lead
Miss A. Maltby – Year 5 Lead
Mr J. Nosowski
Mr D. Reynolds

Year 6

Mr S. Sandy – Year 6 Lead
Miss K. Gray
Mr J. Noden
Mrs A. Rickett
Mr B. Williams

Teaching Assistants

Mrs N. Asquith
Mrs L. Bailey
Mrs J. Blackburn
Mrs S. Broughton 
Mrs J. Byrne  
Mrs A. Cave
Mrs A. Coxall
Mrs F. Chisholm
Miss E. Garrod
Mr P. Harris

Mrs C. Houghton
Miss A. Mackin
Mrs H. McCarron
Mrs L. Milburn
Miss S. Smith
Mrs J. Streatfield
Mrs G. Taylor
Miss V. Warwick
Mr S. Willoughby


Midday Supervisors

Mrs A. Coxall
Mrs K. Frearson
Mrs V. Kenworthy
Mrs C Pridgeon
Mrs I Spendlow
Mrs A. Stocks
Mrs T Tallentire

Kitchen Staff

Mrs F. Mackie
Mrs S. Best
Mrs K. Atkinson 
Mrs J. Jones


Mrs J. Byrne
Mrs F. Chesman
Mrs A. Lord
Mrs M. Mellows – Finance
Mrs J. Harper – Inclusion


Support Staff

Mrs S Hudson - Art Technician

Mr N. Warne - ICT Manager


Mr R. Stack - Premises Manager
Mrs K. Frearson
Mrs I. Spendlow
Mrs T. Tallentire
Mr N. Warne