Lacey Gardens Junior School

Lacey Gardens Junior School

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Our School Uniform

Our Uniform

There is a school uniform and we ask for your cooperation in providing the following clothing:

  • White shirt/ blouse/ polo shirt
  • Grey/ Black trousers
  • Grey pinafore dress/skirt
  • School sweatshirt
  • Sensible footwear with low heels

Lacey Gardens School sweatshirts and poloshirts are available to buy from Cojos in Louth.

We would appreciate it if you could ensure that all items of clothing are named.


 All children will require PE clothing

  • dark coloured shorts
  • green polo shirt (currently only available from CoJo)
  • plimsolls/trainers

Children should keep their PE. kit in school.

For outdoor P.E. during the winter months a tracksuit/ jogging trousers may be a good addition to your child's kit.

Personal property

Pupils are responsible for the security of their personal possessions at school. Children have access to the lost property area. Lost property is regularly displayed for children and parents to look through.


Children may only wear sensible jewellery for school, such as watches and ear studs. All jewellery apart from ear studs must be removed for PE.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are not allowed but if one is required in a case of emergency, it must be handed in to Mrs Plant and collected at the end of the day.